About Us

Valentić d.o.o. – since 1994.

Valentić d.o.o.
– još od 1994.

Valentić Company Ltd., was founded in 1994. Our first import was an assortment of juices Granini. Five years later, in 1999., applying the knowledge of the domestic market, we started to import alcoholic beverages, followed by wine.

Our successful team has been recognized as a quality partner by the world – renowned manufacturers, eventually getting more well known brands for distribution in Croatia.

Dedicated to hard work on changing the domestic market in the last eighteen years and with great effort, we have become a concrete and constant partner to leading retailers and distributors in the HoReCa segment .

With assistance of our partners we are able to offer delivery from door to door within 24-48 hours from our new LDC capacity of 1500 pallets.