Vodka Pravda

It is a vodka called "PRAVDA", with a KOSHER CERTIFICATE, a renowned Polish distillery from the city of Bielsko-Biala located in southern Poland, on the slopes of the Carpathians, and this fact is especially important for the origin of this Premium Vodka and its top quality, confirmed by numerous awards at world exhibitions of alcoholic beverages.
Instead of the usual distillation of corn grains, sweet rye grains are used to make this vodka, which gives the vodka a much milder, softer and gentler taste. The distillation is initially carried out in three steps, after which two additional distillations are completed in order to eliminate even the smallest impurities from the distillate. This reduces the yield but raises the quality tremendously. The final, sixth distillation takes place in a copper tank, which additionally reacts with the distillate, giving incredible smoothness to the final product. Careful and extremely slow (light) mixing of the premium distillate with water from a protected mountain spring, thus contributing to better permeation, further enhances the already exceptional quality of this vodka and emphasizes its smoothness.
The filtration does not use commercial, but French birch charcoal, which with its uniqueness contributes to the additional quality of PRAVDA VODKA.
The bottles in which PRAVDA VODKA is filled are impeccably clean and after filling, they must be left for at least six months, before they are checked by six tasters, without whose blessing PRAVDA VODKA cannot go to its end consumer.