Vermouth La Dolce Italia Bianco

La Dolce ItaliakkWith countless varieties of alcoholic beverages, here we will emphasize Vermouth as a drink for which it claims to enjoy the "Best Sex" most often, because of its sweetness and longevity as well as countless possibilities of arranging and decorating the glass from which it is consumed. Of course, this statement is not accurate because Vermouth is now consuming the most proficient scholars as everyone who wants to taste tradition and quality, regardless of sex. In Valentić d.o.o. from Sesveta, surprising us from month to month with novelties in the range of alcoholic drinks and wines, we have recently found Vermouth named "LA DOLCE ITALIA BIANCO". As they explained to us, it is our own Brend, which comes to our market with a protected name, produced by the traditional recipe under the pout of valuable Italian winemakers. "VERMOUTH LA DOLCE ITALIA BIANCO" is based on aromatised white wine, which is enriched with maceration of various herbs, seeds, roots, spices, etc. Of course, the recipe itself is a carefully guarded secret but this is a drink at its beginnings it was consumed as a remedy that by the end of the 19th century it would become significant as an excellent aperitif. The best and best known world producers of Vermouth are from Italy (the region of Torino) and today Vermouth as an aperitif, the bartenders are also used as a key ingredient of many classic cocktails such as Manhattan, Rob Roy, Negroni and others. One of the alternative ways of using Vermouth is in addition to the culinary adventures of those who want to give their food a higher dimension. Basically, this Brent owned by Valentić d.o.o. it certainly deserves attention both in appearance and in taste. Simply put, a real pleasure for the palate. Enjoy !!!