Malfy Gin

DdMALFY distillery is located in Moncalieri, near Turin, and it was established in 1906. For the production of Gina Malfy, only domestic varieties of citrus fruit, berry berries and other herbs like Coriander, Angelica, Cinnamon are used ...
We have tasted four different types of Malfy gin and each of them has its own specialty with regard to the herbs that prevail in them.
So is Malfy gin Originale, inspired by the Monviso mountain, with its slopes coming from spring water that is part of this Gin, of course with the distillate of berries and 5 other plants.
Malfy with Limone, gin is dominated by the freshness of homemade lemon from the Amalfi coast at the foot of Naples with the unsurpassed flavors of pine, anise and coriander.
Malfy with Orange, whose ingredients are red narace from Sicily and six other herbal ingredients, with its reddish color and freshness simply tasting vapor.
Malfy gin Rosa, made with distillation of berry, Sicilian Pink grapefruit, homemade Rabarbara with 5 other plants, gives a fantastic flavor of fresh grapefruit with a rich and long ending of the fennel. Of course, all four types of Malfy gin, with the recommendation for consumption as pure with high quality ice, are also particularly suitable for mixing with other drinks in various cocktails such as Negroni, Pink Gin Fizz, Italian Martini "as well as an unbelievable drink - Gin tonic.