J.Gasco Tonic

The story of the brand goes back to the beginning of the 20th century when Giuseppe Gasco, as the youngest child in the family pharmacist at the time called ˝Doctor˝, due to the many preparations that strengthened the health of their fellow villagers went to live in Chicago with his uncle where the height of prohibition realized that except bad drinks that are offered for numerous male population need to do something for population that wants to drinks something ˝lighter˝. 

So it was born the line of Tonics and similar preparations with whom alcoholic beverages were mixed. Today J.Gasco brand is present in 20 countries where the number of cocktail bars, restaurants and clubs pleases fans of mixed drinks with tonic. 

What makes this brand special is the fact that this is the first 100% Italian line of soft drinks for mixing, made to enhance the ability of bartenders. This is a complete assortment of non-alcoholic beverages with carefully selected ingredients, all-natural, without artificial colors or preservatives.

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