Doc Herb-Herbal Liqueur & Griotte-Cherry Liqeuer



 Variety of high-quality, traditional and atractive liqueur, Valentić d.o.o.supplemented whith these two novelties.

Griotte-Cherry Liqueur

*made of dark red cherry juice

Griotte liqueur to its name, will sweeten your every special occasion, and its full and rich aroma and taste to satisfy all your senses.

Doc Herb-Herbal liqeueur

*product is the best grass and identical taste ofback 1909 years.Name "DOC HERB" reminiscent of the old days when traveling self-styled doctors spread the "medicine"west and thus the door encouraged the cosumption of alcoholic beverages in homes around the word.

Special harmony of flavors and aromas will wake up in every sense of satisaction.