2019.Summer joys in Raqia Republic-Mombasa # J.Gasco # Incanto

Few people can say that he was not in one special Republic - Raqia Republic. The original and well-known name, originated even in far-off Thailand where there is such a bar, also stands out for its range of drinks: over 60 varieties of Rakijai Liqueur, and the cocktail card is totally different from the usual ones - of course, Raqia card. this from the offer of Valentić doo and with our "Ginologist" Mali From Brandy, the emerging breath-taking fluids .....

2019. Malfy Gin Croatia

The GIN line called MALFY, for which our company is an ex-advocate for Hr, has simply won the hearts of customers across our beautiful country. This is why Malfy gin has proven to be the fastest growing gin in Europe. May it be so with us….

Malfy Croatia !!

2019.Face of the Year & The best Model of Zagreb

The Grand Admiral Casino has hosted the prestigious Person of the Year & The Best Model of Zagreb 2019 selection.
“There were many beautiful faces to choose from and many beauties, but also beauties strolled through the largest casino in Croatia. Carlo Bartolec Coollins, Matej Plavček and Marko Vukes also took part in the election.

2019.Gin Gourment Fair of Croatian Gin, Brandy and Liqueur

The Gin Gourmet Fair is conceived as a place that will give domestic producers a unique opportunity to connect and present the fruits of their work in one place - gin, brandy and liqueurs. Croatian distilleries pay special attention to the entire production with the aim of creating a high quality, and yet domestic, Croatian product. The specialty of Croatian gins lies in the fact that they are made entirely of the highest quality natural ingredients, aromatic natural plants from all over Croatia.

2019.The Queen of Zagreb

Last night, traditionally on the day of the City of Zagreb, a celebration of beauty was held in the concert hall of Vatroslav Lisinski - the choice for the 'Queen of Zagreb 2019'. This year's flattering title was given to Neda Vekic.

2019. Ple Smokey Harley Davidson Party

That this Moonshine is not just a drink intended for bikers, we have convinced ourselves at a party in Procaffe-Tkalcic.

With the sounds of good music, we enjoyed the early hours of the morning….

Drink responsibly!

2019.H.D.Rally Zagreb

In Zagreb, from May 31st to June 2nd, 2019. held the third in a row Harley Davidson Rally. For the spectators, the most attractive part was certainly the parade through Zagreb and the arrival at Ban Josip Jelačić Square where bikers gathered and citizens could see the engines. The most interesting thing for the Bikers is that all three days the organizer took care of the various program on the island Tresnjavka Lake Jarun. Pleter Chapter Croatia, in cooperation with the City of Zagreb and the Zagreb Tourist Board, invited all owners of H-D engines, all bikers and bikers, citizens of Zagreb to join them in an unforgettable gathering. The aim is to alert the population to the presence of engines and the implementation of road safety through their presence, especially when traveling in a city.


"Selling is the art of persuasion, the ability to act on another person to accept our thinking, and the ability to encourage another person to buy our product or service. Sell is the transmission of feeling-if we are afraid of fear, if we are in confidence, and trust ". The basic and first intention of the seminar is the A SATISFIED GUEST, which after the experience of buying remains a loyal and permanent guest.
Grand Hotel Admiral staff is among the first to experience the special program of our company Valentić d.o.o. focused on the basis of catering to the workshop and chapter of GIN & TONIC & BOTANICALS. We are continuing to express our views in the direction of quality service and standardization.


It's been years since we did not turn around. Reflecting on various events and concerts, we remember many smiling faces, pleasure in the eyes after winning the first Jackpots, excitement in getting to know your favorite performers and many other emotions. 🎶 Our vision was to create a place of great entertainment where every guest will find something to suit their taste. We have become recognizable by the concerts of famous and lesser-known Croatian performers, but certainly as a venue for top games. 🎰 Now is the time to celebrate it - of course with the inevitable INCANTO range We have prepared an exciting program with the stars: Program: ▪ Concert PRLJAVO KAZALIŠTE ▪ JOY group ▪ DJ Daddy Cool ▪ Fireworks ▪ Irresistible dancers ▪ Various performances


Within the City of Visitor Center of Velika Gorica, on the occasion of the World Tourism Day, Ledana was opened - a space for presenting and selling domestic products and souvenirs. Director of the Tourist Board of the City of Milad Mesaric points out that Ledana for Turopolje is an emotional story for its history, but also a place where they can offer their products to an alien who wants to get to know our end.

 "Ledana is a place where people can buy a gift or a souvenir for their friends living in other parts of the country, it's a place to meet, offer and demand, in which we want to start the story of the goods exchanges of our producers," Mesaric said, revealing that Velika Gorica this year marks remarkable results.

All the participants enjoyed the wonderful tones of Mato Grgat and the INCANTO flavors ....

2018.autumn at the Vivas bar

Under the slogan "Autumn in Vivas Bar", Incanto served guests a real treat: Rakija & Liker in three ways - ICE, COOKED, and KOKTEL. There was no enthusiasm and the highlight of the evening was the presentation of the original CROROYAL cocktail-Croatian liquor Incanto Malina & Croatian sparkling wine Graseco .... With the pleasant DJ music the party was a real autumn ...

2018.KARATE TOP 10

In the Sports Hall (DOM SPORTOVA)- held the 10th Zagreb Karate Fest - Top Ten under the motto: "Stop the violence! Karate sport against violence ".   Zagreb Karate Fest is an open-ended Zagreb Championship for all ages and a competition for Top Ten Women, this year's tenth in a row, where the world's best karateists will perform. That is why this unique contest in the world has become the epitome of the top tournament competition for women in karate sports. Valentić d.o.o. is a traditional sponsor and friend of Karate Association.

Miss i Mister tourism Croatia 2018.

On the stage of the Hotel and the Grand Admiral Casino in Zagreb, the 16th Final Miss and Mister of Tourism of the Republic of Croatia was held in 2018. The most beautiful, Miss Tourism of Croatia was won by Emily Mršić from Rijeka and Mister Turizam of Croatia was Sven Vlahoviček from Zagreb. With a multitude of visitors to Attractive ambience was enjoyed by Jacques Houdek, Antonela Malis, Bojan Jambrošić, Tamburica Garavi, David Ricov and Alka Vuica. As well as every time you mention and gather the beauty of INCANTO RAKIJE and LIKERI are faithful companions and indispensable part of the fun.


Restaurant Mon Ami-Velika Gorica: It was a satisfying pleasure to pay tribute to the quality of the staff's staff and to eat while the lunch had the thematic content. The theme was a super premium Gin MOMBASA RESERVA, with premium tonic mixing. Through the theme of history, production, typology and mycology of the gin, our guests were led by sommelier Mario Meštrović, a member of the Croatian Sommelier Club and former restaurant manager. Thanks and Michelina for a recommendation that was obviously heard at the European level as well.


At the parking lot of Zagreb's Admiral Hotel, a Runball Rally sports car was held, the world renowned rally event. About 40 sports cars were delighted by the audience, who could take photographs with drivers on this occasion. An additional attraction was the appearance of hostesses dressed in metallic costumes. After the show, there was a after party where visitors were entertained by DJs and gogo dancers with Incanto brandies and liqueurs.


If you ask anyone who is at least the best in the east of Zagreb City almost everyone will say "CAUPONA" Dubrava. A unique bar that has been following its trends and high standards with its world trends has made an even greater step forward and through cooperation with Valentić d.o.o. team has expanded its range of premium drinks and has our top stuff in our daily offer (Gin, Botanicals, Spices, Tonics, Whiskey ...). The term of this project coincided with the world premiere of Russia 2018, where our national heroes write the history page-to the finals and continue to the stars .....


The specialty of this restaurant is that all meals are prepared from home-grown foods, and the recipes are the result of many years of experience. It is a real rarity and offer of one of the oldest Croatian traditional dishes - lamb with raisin. Of course, each meal is also looking for a drop, and there is a good selection of domestic and foreign wines, as well as Incanto brandy and liqueur, as well as a wide selection of Gin, toner and quality whiskey for which we are in charge of the company Valetnić d.o.o.


Harley-Davidson Zagreb organized the Open Doors Day 7.4.2018. at Oranice 104, Zagreb. They invited all two wheelers to the action 'Let's open the driving season together!

 A large number of two-wheel drive fans came to Day Open Doors. Along with the latest 115th anniversary of motorcycle and other news from the Harley-Davidson world, they enjoyed fun fun, great live performances, cool clowns and the unique Moonshine Ole Smokey Harley-Davidson limited whiskey.




Anita Tepeš won a multi-purpose jury with his exotic appearance and interesting personality at the ceremony held under the patronage of the mayor of Zagreb, Mr. Milan Bandić, among fourteen finalists from Zagreb and its surroundings. Veljko Kajtazi and Ljubo Jurcic, owner of Iloci Podrumi, Josip Mihaljević and Miroslav Ćiro Blažević, a legendary football legend, also attended the jury.

 In the crowded hall of Vatroslav Lisinski Concert Hall, the finalists went through three editions during the evening: beautiful and gorgeous wedding dresses, formal evening dresses and challenging swimsuits. Many audiences, except for beauty, enjoyed the top program and the Incanto liqueurs and their flavors.


Where is good company and great fun there is our team. Vestok drink shop offers a wide range of our company, and for this reason we have decided to offer all of their customers free of charge to get acquainted with the best products: Gin, Tonic, Gin & Tonic Spices, Incanto Assortment, Tequilla Padre Azul ..... getting up to the morning hours-perfect.

2018. THE BAR



5.12.2017. on Plaza`s bar birthday party, Incanto honored all guests.


On day 18.11.2017. was held XV. Karate Top Ten, and we were proud sponsor of this event. We introduced our Incanto brand to the joy of many audiences and guests who could taste variety of our liqueurs.


9.11.2017. at new opened Grand Casino Admiral, Miss and Mister Tourism 2017. was choosen. Our Incanto liqueurs were participating also on this event.


3.11.2017 bosnian restaurant Sofra opened their door on new location. For complete enjoyment, Incanto took responsibility, with welcome drink, but also original ˝˝sevdah˝ and atractive belly dancers.


On day 13.10.2017. we proudly presented Incatno liqueurs on opening Grand Casino Admiral, the biggest Casino in Croatia.


30.9.2017. were Open door day of Harley Davidson Zagreb, and we accessed this event with Harley Davidson Ole Smokey whisky


In the beautiful ambience of National Home Palace, one of the most important cultural and historical monuments of Zagreb´s Upper Town, we gathered to look at Rolex novelties. Rolex novelties we acompanied with our top gins. 


In Night club&bar Kvak we held party with our gins, and gallery about how everything looked like you can check below.


On Design Week, which was held in Bistro Lauba, we introduced Incanto liqueurs.


Girls were introducing our Incanto liqueurs in Sofra.


IN the Concert hall Vatroslav Lisinski we choose new Queen of Zagreb 2017. The whole event was acompanied by Incanto liqueurs to the delight of all present.


We proudly announcing that we presented our new premium brand Tequila Padre azul in objects in Zagreb, where from now on fans of those types of drinks can try.

2016. Advent in Zagrebu

This year again many of our products but specially Incanto liqueurs and brandy are located as part of offer in many houses, restaurants and bars in Zagrebački advent. 

2016. Queen of Croatia

28.11.2016. in Westin we got Queen of Croatia for 2016. The whole event was accompanied by Incanto products on pleasure of public, sponsors and competitors.

2016. J.P.Chenet Ice edition & Ice edition Rose RITZ

On anniversary of Ritz night club guests had opportunity treat themselves and to try sparkling wine J.P.Chenet Ice edition.


On TOP TEN competition, Valentić company was one of sponsors where we presented company but also some of products  from our dealership. 

2016. Ole Smoky Harley-Davidson Moonshine whisky party in Kvak

We presented Ole Smoky Harley Davidson whisky in night club Kvak, and how the party went you can see below

2016. MRK Sesvete

2016. Valentić d.o.o becomes sponsor of MRK Sesvete..

With such youth and will sport succcess is guaranteed...

2016. Whisky Fair Zagreb

Once a year there ia a unique event in the Croatian capital brings together lovers of great golden liquid. Visitors have the opportunity to the world of your favorite beverage and get to know the unknown top brands that carry centuries real tradition, taste and quality.

"One drink, a thousand flavors"

2016. godine, promocija Gin & Botanical-Bistroteka bar

Bistroteka bar  offers a more than 35 global brands of bourbon and whiskey, cognac over ten species, 12 species Ginovo and 60 species of selected wines. The target audience is clear - hedonists who know how to enjoy life and fine drinks. Ideal facility for promotion Ginova, spices and seasonings from a range valentić Ltd. Promotion of Gins&Botanicals herbs in Johann Franck caffe

In the beautiful surroundings of the cafe "Johann Franck" we had a presentation for gins adn Botanical herbs from exclusive assortment of Valentić d.o.o company. 

Sloane´s, Fifty Pounds, Finsbury Platinum, One Key, Mombassa,  with assorted spices and original Botanicals recipes, experienced barmen elicited smile and pleasure of all those present. Kremlin Award party

On the anniversary of the cult of the Zagreb club "Kvak" , Kremlin award premium vodka is honored guests fiery party, which lasted until the early morning hours.

Too good atmosphere, attractive hostesses, prizes for guests...Kremlin award is simply made for the best party. time by INCANTO

Party time by INCANTO..........

New Packaging favorite lequeur in our Incanto tubes opened a new dimension to the party is.


2015th Promotion Incanto fruit liqueurs in the cafe Johann Franck

This saturday 22.08.2015.our partner Johann Franck cafe treated the guests another pleasant evening with music by dj DON TOM and promotion INCANTO fruit liquers.

Our promoters are well in to the night fun guests cheered them "fascinated" to Incanto way. Of course, for those who missed this event our range of Incanto fruit liqueurs you can taste everi day at the Johhan Franck cafe.

2013th The Croatia - Iceland with Coppa cocktail's

How else to come to Brazil than with the Coppa Cocktail 's ...

In the second leg of additional qualifications Croatian national football team beat Iceland 2-0. Our fiery hostesses served more than 2,000 cocktails... the atmosphere was great... a lot of celebration.. lots of Coppe... with Croatian <3 we look forward to each next match... Cocktails are thrilled all the guests.

2013, XI. Top Ten Zagreb Karate Festival

Zagreb Mayor Milan Bandic opened the competition TOP TEN for women within the charity events. XI. Zagreb karate fest was organized by Prince Karate Club in cooperation with Town Zagreb and the Croatian Karate Federation.

The competition TOP TEN hosted ten current senior medal winnes at World and European Championships, from Slovakia, Austria, Turkey, Russia, Serbia, Hungary, Germany and Croatia.

The competition was held under the slogan "Stop the violence! Karate sport against violence", with memory on a boy Luka Ritz involved in this sport.

2013, Jim Beam Greyhound bus from the 1940's.

Promotional bus whose uniquene interior is decorated like a retro cafe, which came to Croatia for the first time on its usual European tour.

Organized by Valentić doo, during September 2013, Zagreb residents had a unique opportunity to enjoy a unique ride around town in an authentic Jim Beam Greyhound bus from the 1940's.

Passengers were boarding on the busiest nightlife locations of Zagreb, so they could try and enjoy the latest beverage portfolio of Beam corporation, and of course their famous whiskey Jim Beam.

2013, Queen of Beauty

One of the sponsors of the Queen of Beauty was Cviček who hosted the guests as well as other sponsors. Vecchia Romagna was also the sponsor of the event.

Presentation of new mobile devices was also held on this event, while guests were sweetened with premium  sparkling wine J.P. Chenet.

2012, Zagreb International Festival of Wine and Culinary "VINOCORE"

This year the event was held on the area of ​​about 2500 m2, bringing together more than 250 exhibitors, manufacturers and retailers: wine, ham, cheese, oil, sausages, sweets and other products from the European Union and the countries of our region and other parts of the world have been represented by importers.

2012, KARATE TOP 10'

2012, Queen of Zagreb Croatian queen

J.P.Chenet Brut's introduced himself as an indispensable part of the celebration, and the whole story has completed its excellent taste and quality, which delighted the guests. This exceptional dring will satisfy and fulfill the expectations of the most demanding.

Williams Pircher was also presented. The quality and delicious pear taste are made to enjoy sipping on different occasions. So Pircher Williams entertains at parties, or rather where it arrives...

2012, Cviček for every occasion

The team was thrilled by Cviček that was a great fit with the food prepared by the gastro - team of 'Prasadam Vegetarian Vegan Catering'.

2012, Vinovita, Zagreb, Zagreb Fair

17th International Wine and Equipment for Viticulture and viniculture brought us praise for the high level of overall performance at the fair event.

The program included the concept of fair presentation of the diversity and quality of local wines as one of the important segments of the tourist offer;

presentation of wines and winemakers from neighboring countries, organized occasional sales and wine tasting event, as well as the presentation of winemaking and vineyard equipment.

2010, popular Slovenian wine gatherings returned to Croatian market

Fresh, light and lively red drop in Dolenjska made of germ blacks and frankovka, which is 25 percent white varieties such as Kingdom, Riesling, flooding yellow and green Sylvaner.